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Sundays child (Aka. Jolly)



when i see a clothing item i like and check the price tag



Diana Vishneva and Marcelo Gomes in Manon

Photo by Gene Schiavone

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STOP shipping real people, or at least poke holes in the box

I saw this post four times before I understood the joke

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THIS JUST IN! THIS JUST OUT! in out in out, you shake it all about! you do the hokey pokey and you turn around, and THATS what it’s all about

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Gay marriage should be legal because gay divorce court shows would be fucking hilarious

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Being internet smart is like the 21st century version of being street smart. 

Okay Dad, these are the websites you use to watch your show. 

Sockshare, Putlocker, gorillavid, nosvideo and novamov are your friends, stick to them and you know you’re okay.

DO NOT click on anything that wants you to download updates or DivX. 

DO NOT click on adverts on the side. 

And be very cautious of fake play buttons. 

You are ready. Go forth and watch Dexter. 

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